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Caring Resources Ministries Intl

To bring Christ to those who know and don't know Him


Caring Hearts Ministry


Caring Hearts Ministry started out as a small food pantry about 4-5 years ago and has become a full-time ministry. We minister to the colonias in Alton, Texas. 1 in 8 people in this world suffer from hunger and 1 in 6 people in the US go to bed hungry. Not having enough funds to purchase necessary foods is often not a lack of ambition but the lack of ability to make ends meet because of lack of education, and even lack of transportation to get to a job. We strive to enable these folks to have enough food to help them function week to week, to give them the encouragement to rise above their station in life, as well as teaching them that God is there for them at all times. We are humbled to serve these Christian folks who never fail to thank God always for His provision. We are about giving a hand UP.

We feed 100+ families in the colonias weekly. Colonias are the poor neighborhoods where there is often no water, electricity, or even heat.

What We Do



Picking up donations in the truck truck loaded
Sometimes we need the van and sometimes we need the carrier van loaded

Even the pantry has grown since we first began


store room
A quarterly distribution where the kids receive a bible program, food is distributed and the kids (and adults) line up for a treat (snow cones) as well as a full meal complete with homemade ice cream for dessert.


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