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Resort Ministry

RV Park Chaplains in the U.S.A


Caring Resources Ministries International Management Team

Board of Directors

Chairman -Chaplain Gary Laird
Chief Executive Officer - Sr Chaplain Bob Ruesch
Vice Chairman - Chaplain Dr. Bill Artherholt
Chief Financial Officer – Shairon Dickey
Treasurer - Shairon Dickey
Secretary - Vicki Troutman

Sr. Chaplain Jack Gregory - Board Member
Chaplain Lee Tracy - Board Member


Member Emeritus    - Chaplain Jerry Donahoo


Advisors To The Board


  • Dr. Dan Griffin (retired)
  • Sr. Chaplain Richard McCool
  • Sr. Chaplain Barbara Ruesch
  • Chaplain Paul Darnell


Division Managers

Division Manager

Sr. Chaplain Bob Ruesch