Christian Resort Ministries

To bring Christ to those who know and don't know Him


Goals and Action Plan

Goals & Action Plan


1.   Establish additional mobile resort & RV Churches during the coming year.   
2.   Continue to establish and replicate church planting movements among resort communities, and develop a mission source among those we serve to serve their other areas.
3.   Expand communication and celebration events for resort member communities.
4.   Expand service projects among resort member communities to include projects in other than home fields.
5.  Identify and continue to develop, train and place leaders in resort & leisure settings.

Action Plan

1.    Identify the next five RV resorts for  Chaplains by April of each year.
2.    Recruit, train and place committed Chaplains on site as parks and personnel are identified and committed to the resort chaplain program.
3.    Network with other ministers, personnel who are involved in resort or leisure ministry including local churches in the area.