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Our Chaplains

Our chaplain staff are trained and qualified to work with all aspects of the resort and leisure industry. We understand the needs of campers; the requirements and the pressure managers and staff and issues people on vacation are faced with each day.
We, as a staff,  "have been there" as our Chaplains have worked in the commercial world before entering the ministry of serving the resort community.
Let us be there with you with a variety of programs, from
Christian programming, church services, youth activities, children's vacation Bible school and work projects within your campground!

We are here to serve God, through and with you!

artherholt Bill & Ali Artherholt
Bill & Ali live a full life because they “retired” to the ministry!  All of their lives have been focused on healing, supporting, praying and coming alongside those who need help.  view details
dick & miwes

Dick and Miwes Baggett
Chaplain at Gateway RV & MH Park, Raymondville, TX

Dick and Miwes (pronounced My-Wes) are Texans through and through.  The come to the Rio Grande Valley from San Angelo, TX where they live and enjoy being close to family in the off season.  They have many years of church leadership and ministry service as well as RV experience so they are well suited for their new position as the Chaplains at Gateway in Raymondville.   Stop by and get acquainted – you’ll be glad you did.

Ed & Patty Bevill

Ed & Patty Bevill
Chaplain - Ocala Sun RV Resort

Ed is a seasoned RV Chaplain .  In 2007/08, he filled in at Palmdale preaching and also preached at Holiday Out RV Park,  just down the road in Los Fresnos, TX. Ed's down home way of preaching brings to focus the word of Jesus Christ.... view details

Fred Campbell

Fred Campbell Sr. Chaplain

Fred Campbell is a native of Canada and a man with a BIG heart for the Lord. Fred has retired from the CRMi board of directors and the ministry thanks him for all the dedication, insight and commitment he gave to the mission.

Fred and his wife Linda continue to share about the CRMI Ministries with their friends and acquaintances in Canada.

connel Fred & Judy Connell
Chaplain at Sunscape RV Resort, Casa Grande, AZ
Paul & Dianne

Paul & Dianne Darnell
Chaplain - IT Guru
Well, Canada has sent CRM another special friend in Paul Darnell.  The fact  that he is a computer genius isn’t bad either!  Paul is CRM’s webmaster not only for the CRM site, but various other aspects associated with the mission. 

al & shairon

Al and Shairon Dickey
Chaplain at
River Ranch in Rio Hondo, TX

Al and Shairon are just about as friendly a couple as you could find anywhere.  They hail from the great state of Oklahoma (go Sooners).  Al has a great sense of humor and Shairon tries her best to keep him in line – ha!  They are newlyweds so you know they’re still adjusting.  Al has an abundance of ministry experience and comes prepared to share the Word of the Lord with everyone he meets.  Come by and visit – you’ll enjoy yourselves to the max.

Paul & Mary Anne Ellsworth

Paul & Mary Anne Ellsworth
Paul & Mary Anne Ellsworth work in the Lone Star State of Texas as Chaplains where Granbury, TX is their hometown. Paul has extensive training as a chaplain with emphasis on Discipleship and Hospital Visitation.  As former military m...
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Roy & Paula Gee

Roy & Paula Gee
Roy & Paula Gee are serving at Big Valley RV Park in Donna, TX.  In the summer season they spend their time playing with their twin great grandchildren.  Drop by, come on in, the Gees' don't know any strangers.
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Walter & Phyllis Gilpin

When Walter first saw Phyllis, he was so shy he asked his cousin to ask Phyllis to go on a date (with Walter). Since then, Walter has been on one continuous date with his wife, Phyllis. Currently, they are doing ministry at the assisted living facility where Walter's mother is a resident. Walter and Phyllis are on family leave, serving our Lord in many other ways.


Bob & Lois Glossenger

Bob & Lois Glossenger
Chaplain - River Bend Motor Coach Resort

Chaplain Bob and Lois Gloessenger have so many stories to share about God’s grace.
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Jack & Karen Gregory

Jack & Karen Gregory
Chaplain and Training Coordinator

After serving many years as an RV Chaplain in the Rio Grande Valley during the winter and then working summertime at Adventure Land Amusement Park in Iowa, Jack is now a member of the board for Caring Resources Ministries Intl and our new Training Coordinator.
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Dr. Dan Griffin

Dr. Dan Griffin
Pastoral Counselor - Retired
Dr. Dan Griffin is a pastor's pastor.  With a multitude of theological, church and counseling experience Christian Resort Ministries is blessed to have such a qualified person willing to "be there" when a pastor, chaplain or member of ... view details

jeff and criss

Jeff and Criss Hastings
Chaplain at Paradise Park, Harlingen, TX

I don’t know where to start telling you about this awesome couple but just want to say they are absolutely top notch.  Jeff is a former Army Chaplain and Youth Pastor so he brings many years of ministerial experience.  Criss is his #1 supporter and together they have a love and passion for our military Veteran’s, especially those who have PTSD.  As one of our newest Chaplain couples they are learning the ropes of being fulltime RVers and have already experienced the warmth and love of the folks in Paradise Park.  Consider coming down to meet them and find out for yourselves how awesome they are.


Gary & Judy Laird
Chaplain Gary is our Chairman of the Board
When you build structures for a living it is natural to be called to build lives for eternity when you “retire.”  Gary and Judy are as comfortable as your favorite easy chair, you can relax in the love of Jesus they will portray to you in action and conversation. view details


Gary and Nancy Mathiasen
Chaplain San Pedro RV Resort

For many years, Gary has been the go to guy at San Pedro when he felt the call a few years ago to become the year round resident chaplain at the resort.  If you want to hear the word of God from a person who can bring you the truth, listen to Gary.   
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jim and shirley

Jim and Shirley Maxson
Chaplain at Mission Bell RV Park, Mission, TX.

Jim and Shirley are fulltime RVers who serve the Lord wherever they go.  They knew the Lord had more for them to do and when Christian Resort Ministries met them we knew they were just what we were looking for in the way of Chaplains.  They now serve in that capacity full time and have found out that working for the Lord is a far better benefit package than any other out there.  You will find them loving and caring and willing to sit and listen, so come on by and sit a spell.  You’ll be glad you did.

Richard McCool

Richard McCool

Richard works with existing ministries and is the Senior Chaplain at an urgent care clinic in Eufaula, OK.  Along with the above, he pastors a church close to his home. 
When asked, Richard will tell you, he is a servant of God and honored to be called. If you are looking for a truthful conversation and a new friend, talk to Richard!

Dr. Kent & Janel McKinnon
Chaplain at Quail Run RV Resort, Arizona City, AZ

don susan moore

Don and Susan Moore

Don and Susan Moore are the new resident chaplains at Palm Gardens RV Park, Harlingen, Texas. They are full-timers in their RV and in the ministry.  Don has served at various denominational churches which makes him a great candidate for a non-denominational ministry!

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Bob and Jann hail from Illinois where almost three decades ago they started a church with a Bible Study and watched God grow the ministry to over 300 worshipers in a Sunday service!  Now they live full-time in a 5th wheel, minister in the winter months in Arizona and travel in the summer.  view details

Marty & Lenni Nordloh
Chaplain - Arizona Regional Manager

Laugh, love life, laugh again, OK, you are with Marty and Lenni.  Your spirit can’t help but be elevated when you are with this  couple who loves The Lord.  They will share with you the incredible opportunity to serve Jesus. They are really meeting the people where they are at. Marty's new position as Arizona Regional Manager brings him right alongside the new chaplains and new RV Parks in Arizona.     

Dale & Carole Novasky

Dale & Carole Novasky

Dale and Carole are no strangers to the wonders of Christ. 

They  served in Arizona City, AZ for many, many years and now have “retired” to their home in Spokane Washington.  They have left a legacy and a vibrant ministry only to move forward in a loving, supportive time with their children and grandchildren.  Christian Resort Ministries thanks them for many years of faithful servanthood and commitment

Bob & Barbara Ostermaier

Bob & Barbara Ostermaier
Bob and Barbara Ostermaier are serving at Ranchero Village RV Park in Weslaco, TX in the Rio Grande Valley. When you meet them, you become family. Bob's engaging comfort of wanting to know you and Barbara's gift of instant friendship makes them a great Chaplain team!

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Bill & Kathy Perry

Bill & Kathy Perry
Bill and Kathy serve in an Arizona community called Coolidge.  Both are retired from military service (Bill Navy and Kathy US Air Force) and have answered the calling from the Lord.   They're serving as CRM Chaplain/Pastor at the HO HO KA... view details

Eddie & Carolyn Postell

Eddie & Carolyn Postell
From commercial work to secular calling, that is how you would describe this unique and dynamic couple.  Pilot, motorcycle rider and driver, singers and musicians - all wrapped into one dedicated couple and now museum care takers. We are Care T... view details

Fred & Leila Preuss

Fred & Leila Preuss
Associate Chaplains Caring Hearts Ministry
Fred and Leila Preuss (pronounced price) are just the kind of people you would go to when you want a job or task completed.  In fact, they have so much dedication, they will find things to do to make life and your worship experience more meaningful. view details

Bob Swift

Bob Swift
Chaplain - Pueblo, Colorado
Bob Swift is“retired” from San Pedro RV Resort in Arizona and now has an active ministry in a high rise located in Pueblo, Colorado.  He lives on the 7th floor of a retirement community and Bob is the Chaplain in residence for the first seven floors of the building!   ... view details

dave & twylah

David & Twylah Squire

David and Twylah Squire hail from Minnesota and serve at Eastgate MH and RV Park in Harlingen, TX.  With over 40 years of pastoral ministry, they bring a wealth of experience, Bible knowledge and musical talent to this next phase of their ministry.  Come and visit; you will be encouraged and challenged by this gifted couple.

Dave and Ruthann Tabler

Dave and Ruthann Tabler
Chaplain - Park Place RV Resort
Rev. David Tabler is a graduate of  Owosso Bible College, Western Michigan University, and has a Master's in administration from Western Michigan University. He  worked as an Associate pastor and youth leader for 35 years. He also taug... view details

lee and grace

Lee and Grace Tracy-
Chaplain at Lakewood RV Park, Harlingen, TX

Lee and Grace are not new to the Christian Resort Ministries (CRM) family.  Last season they served fulltime as the Texas Regional Managers recruiting new Chaplains and new RV Parks looking for Chaplains.  Well, he did such a great job that he recruited himself to be the Chaplain at Lakewood RV Park in Harlingen.  They are an incredible couple driven by their love for the Lord and strong desire to share that love with others.  As a new fulltime Chaplain, Lee is still doing recruitment work for the ministry so if you’re interested give him a call or visit our website:   He would also welcome a visit anytime at Lakewood.  Join them for Sunday worship.

jim & vicki

Jim & Vicki Troutman
Chaplain - Citrus Valley RV Park
Jim & Vicki are two great Chaplains.  They serve at The Citrus Valley RV Park in McAllen..  They love RV'ing and prayed for over 3 years for the Lord to lead them into a ministry that woul... view details

zielgler Marty & Edna Ziegler
Chaplain at Southern Comfort, Weslaco, TX

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