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What we do

Christian Resort Ministries is a 1 Timothy 3:1-7 ministry – under the authority of our Lord, Jesus Christ – whose focus and purpose is to fulfill the great commission of Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit to go and make disciples by:
Recognizing needs
Training Christ centered leaders
Developing opportunities for ministry

Our chaplain staff are trained and qualified to work with all aspects of the resort and leisure industry. We understand the needs of campers; the requirements and the pressure managers and staff and issues people on vacation are faced with each day.

We, as a staff, “have been there” as our Chaplains have worked in the commercial world before entering the ministry of serving the resort community.

Let us be there with you with a variety of programs, from Christian programming, church services, youth activities, children’s vacation Bible school and work projects within your campground!

We are here to serve God, through and with you!

Attendees of the 2022 CRM Conference

Our Chaplains

Chaplain photo for Mary and Larry Allen

Larry & Mary Allen

Chaplain – Sunshine RV Resort, Harlingen, TX

Larry brings a ray of Michigan sunshine to the RV ministry. After reading an article about what a Chaplain’s responsibility is in an RV park, he was called to do just that. He has a BA in Christian Studies from Campbellsville University, Campbellsville, Kentucky; MDiv from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky; and a Doctorate of Ministry from Ashland Theological Seminary, Ashland, Ohio.

However, with all these credentials, he is a person who communicates the word of Jesus to inspire and create in you a desire to learn more.

Chaplain photo for Bill & Ali Artherholt

Bill & Ali Artherholt


Bill & Ali live a full life because they “retired” to the ministry! All of their lives have been focused on healing, supporting, praying and coming alongside those who need help. The partnership/team approach they bring to the ministry through preaching, teaching, praying and just being there as your newest best friends is a gift from this couple to you. Bill now serves as a member of the board for Caring Resources Ministries International, and works closely with our ministry training coordinator.

Mike & Sherry Bassett

Chaplain – Siesta Village, Weslaco, TX

Chaplain Mike Bassett and his wife, Sherry, are ministering in Siesta RV Park. They come to CRM from Canada. Mike and Sherry read through the entire Bible every year. They have been on many mission trips including to Uganda.

Chaplain photo for Ed & Lenora Berger

Ed & Lee Berger

Chaplain – The Palms RV Resort, Yuma AZ

Talk about taking a long way to Arizona. How about coming from Maryland every winter? I guess that isn’t a stretch if you consider Ed is a retired highway patrolman on the east coast. So driving is not an issue. Now Ed and Lee steer people toward eternity by sharing the love and commitment of Jesus Christ. Ed is just the ticket to learning about your eternal destiny.

John & Deborah Berglund

Chaplain – Palm Resaca, Brownsville, TX

Chaplain John Berglund and his wife, Deborah, are currently ministering in Brownsville, Texas at the Palm Resaca. They came to CRM from Iowa. John attended Moody Bible Institute and has pastored several churches and has taught high school. John also started a program for seniors called Saints Alive. They have taken groups to Israel and taught the Bible several times while on location in Israel.

Mark & Janette Bridgeman

Chaplain – Americana, Palmview, TX

Chaplain Mark Bridgeman and his wife, Janette, are currently serving in Palmview, Texas, at the Americana RV Park. They came to CRM from Indiana. Mark has had a wide variety of ministry experiences and Bible training, along with a career in the trucking industry.

Chaplain photo for Judy & Fred Connell

Fred & Judy Connell

Chaplain at Sunscape RV Resort, Casa Grande, AZ

Fred and Judy come from the Mile High State of Colorado, where Fred served as a pastor for over four decades. He is also an EMT, so he can help heal you when you are hurting physically and emotionally. If you want to know two individuals that are focused on where God will lead them, that would be Fred and Judy. In a few minutes, you will be friends for life.

Alan & Myrna Cooey

Chaplain – River Ranch, Rio Hondo, TX

Chaplain Alan Cooey and his wife, Myrna, are currently ministering in Rio Hondo, Texas at the River Ranch RV Park. Alan has a background in pastoral counseling and has also served as a pastor. Alan and Myrna enjoy fishing for fish as well as men.

David & Dianne Cook

Chaplain – Trails End RV Resort, Weslaco, TX

Chaplain David Cook and his wife, Dianne, are serving in Weslaco, Texas at the Trails End RV Resort. They are both native Texans. They have spent many years ministering to all ages, spent 3 years on the road in full-time RV ministry. He served at a disaster relief site in New Mexico and has taught and discipled church leaders in Pakistan.

Chaplain photo for Al and Sharon Dickey

Al & Shairon Dickey

Chaplain – Sun Vista RV Resort, Yuma, AZ

Al and Shairon are just about as friendly a couple as you could find anywhere. They hail from the great state of Oklahoma (go Sooners). Al has a great sense of humor and Shairon tries her best to keep him in line – ha! They are newlyweds so you know they’re still adjusting. Al has an abundance of ministry experience and comes prepared to share the Word of the Lord with everyone he meets. Come by and visit – you’ll enjoy yourselves to the max.

Jeff & Peggy Dilks

Chaplain – Paradise Park, Harlingen, TX

Jeff has a farming and trucking background as well as a call to ministry. Graduated from Bible college in 1993 and is now fulfilling his call by serving as a RV Resort Chaplain.

Chaplain photo for Ron Ebb

Ron Ebb

Chaplain – Superstition Buttes
Apache Junction, Arizona

Ron accepted Christ as his Savior and Lord as a young boy and continued to follow Him in varying degrees throughout his life. After his retirement 4 years ago, he purchased a home in Arizona and became active in The Church at Superstition Buttes. With increased Bible Study and fellowship and a close relationship with Pastor Bob Morland, his relationship with Christ became the central part of his life. He became more and more active in the life of the church in Arizona helping in church services and leading Bible Studies, and then preaching and teaching each week at the services during the pastor’s decline in health. When Pastor Bob graduated to heaven, Ron was asked by his fellow church members, and lead by the Lord, to accept the position as Pastor of The Church at Superstition Buttes. In the summer of 2022, he was licensed as a Pastor and was ordained through his Minnesota home church. Ron has been accepted as Chaplain to his park by CRM and ministers there in the park and the church.

Chaplain photo for Branden and Sheila Freeland

Branden & Sheila Freeland

Chaplain – Fig Tree RV Resort, Harlingen, TX

Branden and Sheila are from Missouri and will show you the path to eternity in Jesus Christ.

Here are a couple committed to the ministry of Jesus Christ! They are homeschooling their high school son, Wyatt, and teaching others about who Jesus Christ is and how eternally important He is for their lives.

Branden pastored two churches, has eight years of Bible College, and formally worked with the John 3:16 ministry. Sheila is a professional graphic designer (take a look at our newsletter and you will see just how gifted she is with her craft.)

Chaplain photo for John and EdithEllen Gale

John & Edith Ellen Gale

Chaplain – Alamo Rose RV Resort, Alamo, TX

When you first meet John and his wife Edith Ellen, you will find a comfortable relationship has already started from this couple from the breadbasket of the United States. John is ordained through the Assembly of God and has served for 35 years as a pastor and ten years in hospice ministry. Both John and his wife are frontline prayer warriors, who are not afraid to bring into focus the clarity and need for prayer. Coffee and conversation talking about Christianity are always on the family table when you are around them.

Tim & Glenda Glasser

Chaplain – Mountain Cactus Ranch RV, Yuma, AZ
Chaplain photo of Bob & Lois Glossenger

Bob & Lois Glossenger

Chaplain – Florida Regional Manager

Chaplain Bob and Lois Gloessenger have so many stories to share about God’s grace. Over 40 years ago they left everything and headed to seminary, lived in a Winnebago and had no money to pay for tuition. Not exactly “smart”, right? Well, stepping out in faith more than once in their 40 plus years of marriage has given them the stories they have to share.

If you’re interested in serving as an RV Chaplain in the state of Florida, you can reach Bob at the email address below.

He will be happy to talk with you and help you find a place to minister.

Chaplain photo of Jack & Karen Gregory

Jack & Karen Gregory

Senior Chaplain and Board Member (Iowa)

After serving many years as an RV Chaplain in the Rio Grande Valley during the winter and then working summertime at Adventure Land Amusement Park in Iowa, Jack is now a member of the board for Caring Resources Ministries Intl and our new Training Coordinator.

Jack earned his “doctoral degree” while working in Iowa. He is affectionately known in the ministry as Dr. Ice Cream. Jack will gladly tell you about Jesus as you enjoy a dish of ice cream with him.

Rich & Tammy Harmsen

Chaplain – Tropic Winds RV Resort, Harlingen, TX

Chaplin Rich Harmsen and his wife, Tammy, are currently ministering at the Tropic Winds RV Resort in Harlingen, Texas. Rich has served as a chaplain and pastor for many years. He has also served as a men’s ministry counselor and is a certified anger management counselor. Tammy has also served as a women’s counselor, and they have served together as marriage counselors.

Steve & Linda Heaslet

Chaplain – East Gate RV Park, Harlingen, TX

Chaplain Steve Heaslet and his wife, Linda, are currently ministering at the Eastgate RV Park in Harlingen, Texas. They came to CRM from Oregon. Steve has worked with many community programs including the Salvation Army, Young Life, Project Homeless Connect, and the local Ministerial Association. Steve also worked with the state prison system mentoring inmates.

Chaplain photo for Doug and Arlene Hollums

Doug & Arlene Hollums

CEO—Caring Resources Ministries

It was in 2021 that Doug and Arlene were in the chaplain position at Sunshine RV Resort. A lot can transpire in a year! Doug tossed his well-qualified hat into the ring as the ministry was looking for a new CEO. Doug’s (and Arlene’s) expertise in ministry business propelled them to the top of the selection committee’s list, and Doug assumed the CEO position of the ministry on June 3, 2022.

Chaplain Doug brings a new and exciting vision and direction to the resort ministry. It will be more than exciting to see where God leads.

Chaplain photo for LaRue and Celia Jundt

LaRue & Celia Jundt

Chaplain – Rock Shadows RV Resort, Apache Junction, AZ

LaRue and Celia come from excellent stock! These North Dakota residents invest their time in Arizona in the winter visiting resort residents when they are in the hospital or home, not feeling quite up to par. The gentle caring hearts of the Jundts are prevalent in their depth of caring and commitment to helping those who are under the weather. You cannot find a better couple to help you, that is just the Jundt way.

Chaplain photo for Dennis and Paula Key

Dennis & Paula Key

Chaplain – Winter Ranch RV Resort–Alamo, TX

Talk about a busy couple from the great state of Texas. It is best described in their words – Love the Lord Jesus and His people and want to serve. ” I am an ordained minister since the 1970s. My wife and I served as missionaries for 8 years and pastored a non-denominational Cowboy church for 10 years.”

They did not mention they are members of The Billy Graham Rapid Response Team!

Daryl & Maria Martin

Chaplain – Lost Dutchman RV Resort, Apache Junction, AZ

Chaplain Daryl Martin and his wife, Maria, are currently ministering in Apache Junction, Arizona at the Lost Dutchman RV Resort. The Martins came to CRM from Iowa. Daryl has pastored several churches throughout the years and was the Executive Director for South Central Iowa Youth for Christ. He has been on mission trips to Mexico, Venezuela, Trinidad, Tobago, and the Dominican Republic.

Chaplain photo for Gary & Nancy Mathiasen

Gary & Nancy Mathiasen

Chaplain San Pedro RV Resort

For many years, Gary has been the go to guy at San Pedro when he felt the call a few years ago to become the year round resident chaplain at the resort. If you want to hear the word of God from a person who can bring you the truth, listen to Gary.

Chaplain photo for Richard & Alicia McCool

Richard & Alicia McCool

Chaplain / Area Director

Richard works with existing ministries and is the Chaplain at an urgent care clinic in Eufalla OK. In November of 2008, Richard also took on the responsibility of the Chaplaincy for the Free Medical Clinic of the Ozarks. (This boy is busy…) Along with the above, he pastors a church close to his home.

When asked, Richard will tell you, he is a servant of God and honored to be called. If you are looking for a truthful conversation and a new friend, talk to Richard!

Chaplain photo for Larry and Nancy Nau

Larry & Nancy Nau

Chaplain – Citrus RV Mobile Home Park
Edinburg, Texas

Larry and Nancy are Bible school graduates and have pastored and ministered in many church settings, music ministries, prayer lines, and even set up a Bible college in the Central American country of Belize. They came down to Edinburg, Texas, for the winter and stayed at the Citrus RV Mobile Home Park. They were told about Christian Resort Ministries, applied for a position as Chaplain, and were accepted by both CRM and the park. Larry and Nancy have a passion to help people find Jesus as their Savior before they leave this earth.

Chaplain photo of Bob & Barbara Ostermaier

Bob & Barbara Ostermaier

Chaplain (Retired)

Bob and Barbara Ostermaier served at Ranchero Village RV Park in Weslaco, TX in the Rio Grande Valley for over a decade. They have recently retired, whatever that means. But they are still residents at Ranchero Village RV Park. When you meet them, you become part of the family. Bob’s engaging comfort of wanting to know you and Barbara’s gift of instant friendship makes them a great Chaplain team, even in “retirement.”

Chaplain photo for Roger Rhoades

Roger Rhoades

Chaplain – McAllen Mobile RV Park, Edinburg, TX

Roger comes from West Virginia, where he is a member of the Faith Reformed Presbyterian Church. He has been a ruling elder and has a career in management. Now, he manages his time sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ serving as a Chaplain. To describe Roger, it is best to use his words; “I am a Missionary with Mission to The World (retired). A love of God wanting to serve in a corner of his vineyard.”

Chaplain photo for Doug and Candy Schmitt

Doug & Candy Schmitt

Chaplain – Big Valley RV Resort
Donna, Texas

Doug Schmitt is a retired mechanic/welder. He and his wife Candy have served the Lord in many ways in their local church in Kansas. They also were members of the Gideon ministry for many years before the Lord called Doug to serve as a CRM Chaplain in Donna, Texas. Doug has a passion for evangelism, and he and Candy have a desire to share the love of Jesus with everyone in their path. Hebrews 13:16 (NIV) says, “And do not forget to do good and to share with others for with such sacrifices God is pleased.”

Chaplain photo for David and Twylah Squire

David & Twylah Squire

Chaplain (Retired)

David and Twylah Squire are from Minnesota and have served at Eastgate MH and RV Park in Harlingen, TX. With over 40 years of pastoral ministry, they bring a wealth of experience, Bible knowledge, and musical talent to this phase of their ministry. They have retired from the ministry but still will serve where needed.

Chaplain photo for Lee and Grace Tracy

Lee & Grace Tracy

Chaplain at Ranchero Village RV Park, Weslaco, TX

Lee and Grace are not new to the Christian Resort Ministries (CRM) family. They are an incredible couple driven by their love for the Lord and a strong desire to share that love with others. Lee is doing recruitment work for the ministry so if you’re interested, email him. He would also welcome a visit anytime. Join them for Sunday worship as he is the new Chaplain at Ranchero Village.

Chaplain photo of Jim & Vicki Troutman

Jim & Vicki Troutman

Jim has been called to pastor a church in Eldorado, Texas, after serving well past a decade in the RV ministry. Vicki is continuing to serve as an advisor to the Christian Resort ministry, which is a blessing to have her (and Jim’s guidance) to craft the direction of the ministry. (See you never retire.)

Well, CRM came at just the right time and they are ready to go! Jim says, “the Lord has given us our cake and now we can eat it, too!” WOW!

Chaplain photo for Bill and Dena Wade

Bill & Dena Wade

Chaplain – Mission Bell and Trade Winds RV Resorts Mission, Texas

Bill and Dena Wade come to the Rio Grande Valley from the state of Maine. Bill is an Ordained minister, and Dena holds a degree in Christian Counseling. They have many years in pastoral ministry and a passion for the RV lifestyle. When God presented the opportunity to join CRM, put those two passions together, and become the Chaplain for Mission Bell and Trade Winds RV Resorts in Mission, TX, they gladly accepted the invitation. Both Bill and Dena love ministering to the 55+ generation by presenting the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and in any other way they can. Through the years, God has been preparing them for this ministry ”for such a time as this.”

Bob & Marilyn Walther

Chaplain – Casa de Valle RV Resort – Alamo, TX

Chaplain Bob Walther and his wife, Marilyn, are currently ministering in Alamo, Texas at the Casa de Valle RV Resort. Bob and Marilyn come from Spearfish, South Dakota. Bob has been a pastor and church planter and trainer for many years in both the US and Canada. He has worked in Conflict Resolution.

Chaplain photo for Greg & Suzie York

Greg and Suzie York

CRM Music Ambassadors

Talk about commitment, talent and as they say “Yee Hallelujah!” Greg and Suzie travel the USA bringing the good news of the Gospel to churches, RV resorts, and many other places where they share, sing, pray and uplift anyone who is around them. They make their home in Texas when not traveling, and their favorite sweet? Well, what do you think it might be? York Peppermint Patties, of course, and there is always an abundance of the candy when you are around them.

Chaplain photo for Marty and Edna Zeigler

Marty & Edna Ziegler

Chaplain – Southern Comfort/Country Sunshine, Weslaco, TX

Marty and Edna are a driving force at Southern Comfort RV Park. Their unbounded energy comes from a career of teaching in public schools and serving in their local church. In the summer, they travel and serve at youth camps as counselors, and listeners, and keep the enthusiasm at a high level.

When you meet them, you are instantly their very best friends, even though you just met them. Their love for Christ and engaging personalities are always on 24/7. (That is why they can serve TWO parks at the same time!)

Our Board of Directors

Chairman -Larry Allen
Chief Executive Officer – Douglas Hollums
Vice Chairman –
Chief Financial Officer–Teresa Nelson
Board Secretary – Mary Jacobson
Texas Administrator –
Chaplain to the Board – John Gale
Board Member (Iowa) – Sr. Chaplain Jack Gregory
Board Member (Texas) – Chaplain Lee Tracy
Board Member (Florida) – Chaplain Bob Glossenger
Board Member (Arizona) – Dr. Bill Artherholt
Oklahoma Advisor – Richard McCool

Advisor Emeritus to the Board – Robert N. Ruesch

Email: infocrminternational@gmail.com