Online Giving

Prior to making a donation, please fill out the form below so we have your correct mailing address to ensure we get income tax related receipts to you at the end of the year. If you do not want a receipt, just click on one of the links below to make the donation.

If you would like to receive a year-end giving statement, please fill out the information form below and return to this page using the back button on your browser. Then choose one of the following links to make your donation:

Pay by Credit Card

To make a one time donation by credit card click HERE

To make a donation every month by credit card click HERE

Pay by debit

To pay by debit go to your own bank and select ‘Pay Bills’ and add a payee. The recipient will be CRMI.

If you have questions, please call (210) 549-9006, and dial extension 8. (Bookkeeper)

Once you have added CRMI as a payee select the amount you wish to donate and in the memo box type in where the funds are to be allocated. As an example you might choose to make a donation to a specific Chaplain or a donation to the CRMI general fund to be used in missions. You will be able to select either a one time donation or recurring.

Our address is:

Caring Resources Ministries International

2186 Jackson Keller Road #2094

San Antonio, TX 78213-2728

While most banks offer this service, it may not be available at all banks.